Sunday, November 3, 2013

Free Hoodia Samples? The Truth To Hoodia Weightloss Revealed!

Hoodia Gordonii, commonly known as "Hoodia" is a cactus which is found abundantly in Kalahari deserts and ranging from central Namibia to Southern Angola.Hoodia extracts are believed to suppress appetite, which leads to weight loss. It is said that the local desert tribes used to consume hoodia in times of food scarcity, so that their hunger is suppressed. It is safe to consume since it is completely natural product. Rather than using harsh chemicals, additives and drugs, Hoodia is a healthier option for regular consumption.Hoodia cactus is first dried, crushed, powdered and is sold as capsules. In the past years, lots of companies have introduced various forms of extracts, such as Hoodia extract liquids, Hoodia patches, etc. However, the powdered form seems to be very efficient since it is absorbed consistently by the body.Now a days, The Hoodia companies are so confident about their products, that they started offering free samples to give the consumers "the feel" of it. However, they would need to pay a small amount for shipping charges, which is mostly is less than $9.00 for express delivery.Things to consider before ordering Hoodia online:1. Make sure that the product is free from additives and drugs like ephedra or caffiene.2. Remember, use Hoodia only as a supplement. Take essential vitamins and minerals with Hoodia.3. Check whether the product carries a certificate of genuinity. 4. Always consume Hoodia BEFORE meals. Not the other way round.5. Make use of the free Hoodia trial offers so you can evaluate which formulation works for you.Hence, dont be carried away by the false promises of the Hoodia scams. There are a few genuine brands of Hoodia Products which is tested and recommended to lose weight naturally. The best part is, they provide free samples of Hoodia Pills. The Free Hoodia Samples Resource site can be found at